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From the everyday celebration, small to large events, It’s My Party Balloons has you covered!

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About Us

It’s My Party has been serving NWI and the South Suburbs of Chicago since 2008. We are conveniently located in Dyer, IN on Route 30. Our shop is open 5 days a week. We offer balloon bouquets, balloon columns, balloon arches, and garlands.

Balloon Decorations are a popular addition to any celebration and our talented team of professionals is ready to help create the Best Possible Balloon Experience. We pride ourselves in bringing creativity, fun, and excitement to every order that we fill!

Walk-ins are always welcome for same-day grab-and-go orders. Appointments are recommended for deliveries, custom designs, and events.

What We Do

Large balloon arch


A Balloon Arch will frame an entrance, a head table, a stage, or any other area you are looking to hi-lite. We offer many different types of balloon arches to accommodate any budget and size requirement.
Balloon Bouquets


A Balloon Bouquet is an arrangement of helium-filled balloons grouped together in the size and colors that you choose. We offer a large variety of colors and foils that can be mixed into any bouquet.
80th Birthday Columns


A Balloon Column (also called Pillar or Tower) is a design that is built onto a custom frame so that it stands upright and is sturdy and full. Our indoor columns will last for weeks! Outdoor columns will last for a day or more, depending on the weather.

And Much More!

At It’s My Party, we create balloon designs for dozens of occasions. From baby to baptism, birthday to graduation, bridal shower to wedding…. and everything in between… We can help celebrate all of life’s special occasions.
Large rainbow balloon bouquet


Celebrate a new arrival with traditional baby shower balloon designs or trendy garlands with a backdrop.


Make your holiday festivities a little more festive with the addition of balloon decorations.

Small & Large Events

We specialize in events, small and large. Our event team will help you pick the perfect designs to match your occasion.

Visit Our Store!


Grab a bouquet on your way to a party or to bring to work the next day. Our team will create it for you while you wait.


Let’s Plan
Come on into the store and let’s plan your next event. Once finalized, you can pre-order to make sure everything will be ready.


Have Fun!

Balloon classes for kids are held at the shop and it is a fun time for children and parents alike.  The most popular class is the New Year’s Eve “Confetti Ball” class.

It's My Party Balloon Store
What are the different types of balloon decor?

Balloon decor encompasses a variety of creative options to transform spaces for events and celebrations. These types of decor include balloon arches, which add a whimsical and inviting touch to entrances or stages. Balloon garlands, composed of multiple balloons arranged in a draped fashion, are popular for backdrops and photo booths. Balloon bouquets are clusters of balloons often used as centerpieces or table decorations. Balloon columns are vertical stacks of balloons, while balloon sculptures involve shaping balloons into intricate designs. Organic balloon decor features irregular balloon arrangements, providing a more natural and textured look. Additionally, helium-filled balloons are used for floating arrangements, such as balloon ceilings or balloon releases.

Why use balloon decor for decorations?

Balloon decor is a popular choice for decorations due to its versatility, cost-effectiveness, and visual impact. Balloons come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes, making them suitable for various occasions. They are budget-friendly compared to many other decor options, making them accessible for most events. Balloons are easy to work with, allowing for creative and customized designs, from elegant to whimsical. Additionally, they can quickly transform a space, providing instant visual appeal. Their lightness and flexibility make them adaptable to different venues and themes. Overall, balloon decor is a fun, dynamic, and affordable way to enhance the atmosphere and create a celebratory ambiance for any event.

What is the difference between organic and traditional balloons?

The main difference between organic and traditional balloons lies in their arrangement and aesthetic. Traditional balloon decor typically involves uniform, symmetrical designs using balloons of consistent shapes and sizes. In contrast, organic balloon decor embraces a more irregular and free-flowing arrangement. Organic designs often incorporate varying balloon sizes, colors, and even textures to create a more natural, whimsical, and visually dynamic look. They can resemble a cloud-like or garden-inspired display. Organic balloon arrangements have gained popularity for their artistic and unique appeal, while traditional decor is more structured and uniform, making the choice between the two a matter of personal style and event theme.

Large Pink Balloon Arch

If I could give them a million star I would. There is SO many amazing thing’s I could say about Amy and her staff. Not only are they SUPER amazing and TALENTED AND creative but they’re so most amazing, sweetest people I’ve ever met. The love and care they put into your special creation is by far the greatest. They’re always so helpful and patient with whatever you need created. The quality of their balloons are amazing. I ordered a large Father’s Day balloon column for my husband and it’s still standing as if I just received it. Please look no further than It’s My Party In Dyer IN because ALL your balloon needs will be met with them. They get 1000% rating from me.

– Christina

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